Tuesday, 5 March 2013

creative writing project Meditation

I'm a tree


the picture is taken from this web page  In my meditation I Imagined that I was a tree and that my feet were the roots and that my head was the branches in the sky. First I really thought about my feet and how they were the roots of the tree and how they feel in the cool earth and how far down into the earth I can 'go'. I thought of all the different animals and insects and all the diffent typs of life that makes tree roots its home. I thought about foxes, rabbits badges, boars and gnomes. I conected very much with Earth energy and all its guardians I thought about the earth dragons and the 'treasures of the earth' In just that little bit there was alot to think about but then I thought about the actual physical make up of the earth and the smell of damp earth that is often apperent particually in a wood, with all the flowers and other plants that make there home in the ground beneath the tree. I went into the earth as much as I could and felt the heart beat of the earth and connected with the mother earth goddess and how she is going to come after the spring maiden.


I then thought about my trunk and how bark feels and how it might feel to actualy have bark and a trunk that has holes in that birds might make a nests in and insects might live in. 

I thought about my arms and head as the branches waving about in the air, feeling the sun, rain and weather on them. All the birds and insects and squirals and other things that might live in the branches of a tree. I imagined that I was an apple tree. 

picture by Josaphine Wall

I thought about how the seassons might affect me and how the time might pass for a tree much more slowely than it would for me as a person. I slowed my breathing down and tried to 'breath' like a tree and 'feel' like a tree. I tried to think about how my surroundings might have changed from woodland to open fields to houses and buildings and what it might change to next. I thought about how the tree might feel about being an old tree that was once part of a big woodland scape and how 'sad' and upset it might feel when people choped its friends down and how its been left but how now we realise how important trees are there are people planting and tidying and looking after the surviving old trees and giving them new life as children play in the branches or maybe underneath and how fast they move. I slowed right down and tried to spot other energies that were more my own pace and that a tree could comunicate with and I felt dryads and air spirits and other such energies that exist separtely to humans but that trees can see because they are on the same time frame. 

  I meditated with the intention of connecting with earth to have an energy conection to replemish my energy and make me feel conected again I used my Fairy cards to help give me some information about Monday my day of Silence. I got this card 

Awkening your true self. 
The affirmation was I now give myselfpermition to be true to myself.

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