Friday 8 March 2013

Dreamcatcher journal

My own dreamcatcher Journal.

I have made my own journal, I think that it is a really good idea to work though my dreams. As a person I have changed so much over the last two years that it is inevertable that my dreams would change. I have struggled to think about what I want as I tend to think about whats with in my reach rather than what it is that I actually want with out restraint. It is only through sitting down and thinking very hard about the things I want that are manable and then take it beyond that a step farther.  It takes time to really push the bounderies. I will be adding to the things that I do to this entery. To start with I have taken some crayons and have drawn pictures and generaly doddled and tried not to think to hard about what the finished artical would look like and actualy thought about what I actually really truely wanted, whether I actually ever get it or not is irrelivant the fact that I know more about what I want means that I know myself better.


Tuesday 5 March 2013

Self - love Journal

 The self love Journal


A love letter to myself  Ideas here  

I have looked at writing a love letter and keeping a journal I feel that it will help me make some me time and help me as at the moment I am mother and that identity is threatning to overshadow all other parts of my identity. Being a mother is important but its not evrything that I am and this journal might just remind me of this.                              

     It might help with my confidence To join in with this click here 


I am putting all my photos and things that I am doing for my self love project 14 days of self loving : ) Hopefully it will help me be creative in looking for answers about how I view myself .


14 Days of self love

Self loving all 14 days of it! 

This was set up to do before valentines day, I only just found it and thought that I would have a go anyway. I will put up other posts and show how things go with the ideas in the web page. It is very thought provoking and another thing to add to my Silence Day :)
A link so you can have a go 

I have started my days of self love on monday, I have photos and a whole journal to write about stuff.  I loved my self on monday because I am creative and have lots of ideas. Today I love that I am strong and know my own mind.

Big feet / Little feet 
 Following my mummy's foot steps.

Day 2 Radical Self love 


"Self Love becomes Radical when you put it into action and live like it's true"
It is possible to love yourself so much that you become unwilling to do anything that dulls your dreams.
It is possible to not just listen to your heart, but make it your boss - in every aspect of your life.
It is possible to take your dreams so seriously that they become your #1 priorities.
It is possible to take everything that doesn't make you happy and remove it from your world.
It is possible to support yourself doing only the things you love most.
It is possible to wake up and bounce out of bed, excited about this amazing day, every day. What makes all of this possible?

have written all these questions down in my Self love Journal and really thought about them they are in my book after my photo of the day. 


creative writing project Meditation

I'm a tree


the picture is taken from this web page  In my meditation I Imagined that I was a tree and that my feet were the roots and that my head was the branches in the sky. First I really thought about my feet and how they were the roots of the tree and how they feel in the cool earth and how far down into the earth I can 'go'. I thought of all the different animals and insects and all the diffent typs of life that makes tree roots its home. I thought about foxes, rabbits badges, boars and gnomes. I conected very much with Earth energy and all its guardians I thought about the earth dragons and the 'treasures of the earth' In just that little bit there was alot to think about but then I thought about the actual physical make up of the earth and the smell of damp earth that is often apperent particually in a wood, with all the flowers and other plants that make there home in the ground beneath the tree. I went into the earth as much as I could and felt the heart beat of the earth and connected with the mother earth goddess and how she is going to come after the spring maiden.

Self love tea party

I did myself a tea party and enjoyed every second of it. I took time to make cakes for me as if they were a gift and I made tea in a tea pot and the cat of making a cup of tea in a tea cup for me removes it from the everyday. As I did it on my silence day there was not the usual destractions.

The first sunday of the month is the actual date but I left it for the monday as the theams of this day is almost the same as the day of Silence exept with tea and I feel that EVERYTHING is made better with a good cup of tea. 

my own party :) 

My day of silence Monday 4th March 2013

Day of Silence

The day for this month is Monday 4th March 2013. I will write out a day plan for this and remember to get my partner to take lots of photos to put up. Plan was written up and duely followed and I had a good day. 
Peeka Boo!


 I got up in the morning did my meditation,Click here to see my meditation post . I then  went out for a walk and went shopping. When we came home we made butterfly cakes some with strawberry and some with chocolate butter icing.

Finished cakes

truffle mix yummy

 We also made chocolate truffles.

 I did a love letter to myself,  Ideas for the letter here         and a self love journal.  To see my journal click here 

we both had a go
I also made a dream catcher journal See the blog here and did some old book art. My book art link .I did a little planning for Easter and tidied the house up. I spent more time than usual playing with my son and managed to wear him out. 

Playing on my mat

I read some of my book challenge book "spiral dance by Starhawk" 

 I also had a self pamper session and really enjoyed the face mask and shower scrub using pressants that I got for christmas that I would usally save for a special occation. I got lovely pamper stuff from Lush I could pamper myself whilst feeling very happy that I was also doing good in the world and all the packaging is compleatly recyclable. Plus I am not allergic to the stuff that they put in there products as its all natural. Its good all round.
I had a self love tea party  see blog on tea party here and last but not least I did a page in our family book of Shadowes.


I feel that I did more today than I have done in a long time, mostly because I have made time to do the things that I have been meaning to do. I will add some photos and links to other pages for instructions and ideas. 

Join in here

Recycling Old books

My Book art

I used my old book of Sonnets to do this project there are lots of pages in this book and I got a full book of Shakespears work so I was going to give this book away but I am going to do lots of different pages and pick the best one to put on show in a sort of frame. 

Shakespears sonnets ! My doodles

 This was part of my day of Silence I got the idea to do this from Whimsical Wednesday. To Read the blog entery